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  北京瑞翔建筑工程有限公司(Reshine)以下简称“公司”,是一家专注于工业地坪的技术服务公司,公司自成立以来主要致力于食品、医药、电子、冷链物流、汽车制造、航空航天等多个领域。尤其对食品行业(肉类加工、屠宰、熟食、乳液、包装、厨房、饮料啤酒、食品深加工等)车间地面积累了丰富的施工经验。 公司拥有一大批具有较高专业水平和实践经验丰富的管理人才及施工团队,多台先进的高科技国外设备,严格的质量管理体系。同时融合了扎实的工艺以及创新的解决方案,加之资金和设备的优势,为公司的进一步发展奠定了坚实的基础。





  Beijing Reshine Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Reshine) hereinafter referred to as "Company", is a technical service company focusing on industrial floor. Since its establishment, the company has mainly devoted to food, medicine, electronics, cold chain logistics, automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. Especially for the food industry (meat processing, slaughtering, cooked food, lotion, packaging, central kitchen, beverage beer, food deep processing, etc.) the workshop area has accumulated rich experience in construction.The company has a large number of highly professional and experienced management personnel and excellent construction team, a number of advanced high-tech foreign equipment, strict quality management system. At the same time, it combines solid technology and innovative solutions, together with the advantages of capital and equipment, which lays a solid foundation for the further development of the company.

  Adhering to the management concept of "focusing on high-quality products", the company constantly seeks new development, undertakes a large number of Engineering cases, accumulates rich construction experience, and masters various new construction technologies. At the same time, the company cooperates with the world's first-class material suppliers, and has become a high-quality supporting constructor of BASF and SIKA in Germany.Facing the new situation of China in the future, the company is taking a brand-new idea, scientific management and high-quality service. Lead the new needs of the industry, create new customer value, continue to make new contributions to the development of China's flooring industry, and add to the great cause of all walks of life!

  System integrated floor system:

  wear-resistant floor, curing agent floor, super flat floor, epoxy floor, polyurethane floor, steel fiber floor, PVC floor, anti-static floor, integral concrete floor design and construction, grindstone floor, art floor, cement floor, moisture-proof floor, etc.